From the life of the gods. Stories of the Olympus - episode 8.

A summit meeting, part 1.

      It happened. The situation on Earth started getting out of control of the Olympus gods. The people living on it have been plotting constantly, polluting and destroying everything around. So the Olimpians decided to strengthen their forces with the support of goods from the North. Because of that, Zeus was going to arrange a meeting with Odin. Hera decided to organise one of her excellent parties for Frigg - the wife of Odin and other distinguished gods of Asgard and Vanaheim.

        Hermes was dog tired, cruising between Olympus and the cold North. The last details of the meeting have already been closed. The Olympian gods gathered in the palace of Zeus for banquet with nectar and ambrosia, the main purpose of which was to ask Hermes about their Nordic counterparts.

"I heard they don't drink soft nectar like we do, just some high-grade honey", Poseidon began.

"Yes, the main taster of honey is Thor, the son of Odin", Hermes explained.

“Is that the one famous for the farting?”, Ares asked irreverently.

"That one famous for the thunders", Hermes defined.

"O yeah, whatever you call it", Ares waved his hand. “I'm interested in his hammer.”

"Birds of a feather flock together", muttered Hephaestus.

"Reportedly he's pretty muscular, that Thor", Aphrodite narrowed her eyes.

"Yes, and he's married", Hermes quickly clarified.

"As if it puts someone off something", the goddess of love shrugged her shoulders. "Oh, is there any goddess ... um... in my style?".

„You mean responsible for love, or competitively attractive?”, Athena asked meanly.

"Of course, I think on my domain. I would like to exchange experiences", Aphrodite said.

"Yes, goddess Freya", answered Hermes.

“And what does this Freya look like?” Aphrodite asked. “I'm just asking, I’m not interested in it”.

"She is the most beautiful goddess I have ever seen", Hermes dreamed.

“Pardon me?” Aphrodite lifted herself up on the chaise longue she was resting on.

"Oh, this is going to be an interesting confrontation", said Athena.

"I mean, this lady is considered the most beautiful of those gods. Odin takes advantage of this and repeatedly marries her to someone but she has mainly liking for dwarfs.

“The garden ones?” Demeter asked.

“No, they are such little guys, gnomes in fact, who are unmatched in blacksmithing...

"Oh, my vibes", rejoiced Hephaestus. “Maybe this Freya will be interested in me, after all I am lucky to pick the prettiest goddesses and I like playing with bellows”.

To prevent an upcoming marriage quarrel, Hermes quickly added:

“Aphrodite, Freya has a twin brother, Freyr.”

“Oh, what does this Freyr do?” Aphrodite caught the hook, quitted begging quarrel with her husband.

“I don't know exactly, but he's dealing something with plants...”.

"Oh, that's my cup of tea", Demeter said. “I would like to meet this gentleman. I assume that if his sister is the most beautiful, then he is the most handsome?

“No, it is said that the most handsome is Balder – the son of Frigg and Odin but I advise you to be careful. A giantess is very fond of him. To be hit on the head by her rolling pin may not be pleasant.”

"Who's in charge of the dead?" Hades asked.

“A certain Hela. A lady of a special beauty...”

„Another beauty! Isn't that an exaggeration ?!” Aphrodite exclaimed.

“No, the word "special" is key here. She is beautiful but only in half...”.

“What do you mean?” 

“Literally. Only half of her face is beautiful, the other half… well, is terrible. It's like seeing your future wife and mother-in-law in one.”

"It is really terrible", said Hades, then quickly added: "Of course it does not apply to me, both my wife and mother-in-law are very attractive ladies."

"Hen-packed husband", Poseidon muttered quietly.

“Will there be some company for me?” Athena asked.

“Yes, god Loki. I think it's a great sparring partner for your intellect. He is a master of „fliting” - such competition in disparaging.”

"Indeed, it is someone of my intellectual level", Athena muttered sarcastically. “I think I'll have to cut off the wings of yours sandals”.

"My dear sister, why all these nerves and threats. He is the most brilliant of the gods, besides, someone has to watch over him because he is always making jokes. For example, Thor's wife had extracted all her hair while she had been sleeping and she stood completely bald.”

"Oh, there's some ugly girl in there", Aphrodite enjoyed.

“No because the dwarfs, of course, after Odin promised one of them, and maybe everyone Freya's hand, made her a gracious wig and now she looks even better.”

"I want someone the smartest to talk to", Athena said capriciously.

“Odin is the smartest, he even gave his eye to a certain Mimir in exchange for all-wisdom.”

"Gosh, what a company and I thought we are crazy", Hades groaned.

“Daughter, I’m giving you a very important task from me. You have to prevent Loki from doing anything to us, especially that their Ragnarök”, said Zeus with a serious face.

“What is that Ragnarök?”

"Such a rough stuff in which they all die... in fact - the end of the world", Hermes rushed to explain.

“O, my Zeus! Keep him away from me so that he doesn't disfigure and ragnarök me!” Aphrodite scared.

"Then I will trade you for Freya", rejoiced Hephaestus.

"Okay, Dad, I understand the seriousness of the situation and, indeed, from our company, only I am able to face a freak who is going to the end the world", Athena said seriously.

“Right, my friends, we are clear. Hermes has prepared scripts for you with brief characteristics of each of Nordic gods. Please prepare carefully for the integration meeting, so that there is no faux pas or Ragnarök”, Zeus ended the meeting.