Health from the nature - introduction

   We all live. A day passes one after another until the disease comes. Some take care and change their lives by 180 degrees. They start from point 0. Others neglect the signals until finally they go with the siren on.

   I would like to dedicate this cycle to those who are looking for solutions that the body would not fail, and when it already happens, they would be able to rise like the Fenix ​​from the ashes. I have gone this way and would like to share my experiences: the issues I've been studying for years and these ones I'm constantly discovering. All the time I’ve been looking for the best solutions to live in health and harmony. I will also ask my expert friends about the topics I describe to add a few words.

   I suffer from a rare, although more and more frequent, autoimmune Leśniowski’s-Crohn's disease. In the first column I am going to present the history of my illness and areas identified by me, in which the sickness is especially "sensitive to".

  In the subsequent columns I will suggest solutions how to help a body and a soul in my labours of everyday life. When a body and a soul don’t live in symbiosis, we speak of disharmony. In the nature world, everything functions basing on the principle of balance. When it disturbed, it causes dysfunction. In the longer perspective it causes an illness. Not to make it happen, the body and soul must be in a perfect balance not only with each other but also with the surroundings.

  Now let's talk to the genius of all time:

"Medical men who deal with the sick should necessarily understand what a human is, what life is and what health is, and how the balance and harmony of these elements supports them." - Leonardo da Vinci.