High vibration diet.

The high vibration diet consists of a "live" food that benefits both the eaters and the planet. Higher vibrations mean more light. Plants turn light into energy during the process of photosynthesis. There is no such thing as a perfect higher vibration diet. Everyone has free will and should assess by themselves what is best for them. This article only provides suggestions and examples of food products that benefit or negatively affect human organism.

Food that increases our vibrations:

-      fresh vegetables and fruits (they have minerals and vitamins that are largely lost in the cooking process),

-      pure water (preferably alkaline with a pH of 7.4),

-      corn,

-      groats.

Low vibrations will be found in:

-      meat (especially red, then white, fish and seafood),

-      salt, sugar,

-      food with added chemicals (e.g. pesticides),

-      processed food,

-      frozen food.

Another issue to note is that the human body functions in an alkaline environment. Inadequate diet, but also overwork, exhaustion, lack of fresh air lead to acidification of the body. High levels of acidification cause dysfunction of the body and its defense system.

“It turns out that the only indicator which is the most important to your health is the pH of your blood and tissues - the degree of acidity and alkalinity. Different parts of the body have different ideal pH levels, but the pH of the blood tells us the most about our condition. Just as body temperature is strictly defined, the blood pH must remain within a very narrow pH range - it should be slightly alkaline. An organism will strive to preserve it at all costs, even damaging other tissues or systems. The pH level in our body fluids affects every cell of the body, the entire metabolic process depends on the alkaline environment. Persistent acidity destroys the body's tissues, and if left untreated, it will disrupt all cellular functions and actions, from the heart rhythm to the work of neurons in our brain. In other words, excess acidity interferes with life. It constitutes the basis for all ailments and diseases” [2].


Examples of nutrients with higher vibrations based on the article "High vibration diet" [1]:

Spirulina - this supplement is at the top of the list of the most vibrating foods. It is a real wealth of nutrients, such as: protein, amino acids, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, fiber, vitamins and minerals (including magnesium).

Hemp seed - contains among others: proteins, omega 3 and 6 acids, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium.

Chia seeds – are full of fiber, omega-3 acids in the right proportion to omega-6 fatty acids, protein, antioxidants, vitamins (E and B) and several essential minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium. Cultivated by the Maya and Aztecs, were not only one of the basic types of food, but also an important element of their culture and economy. Due to the high fiber content, you should not exaggerate with consumption of chia seeds - up to 15 g per day.

Chlorella - has a large amount of protein and vitamins E and B12 in an easily digestible form. It is a rich source of chlorophyll, omega-3 fatty acids and trace elements (such as iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and iodine). It should be included in the diet, in particular, by vegans and vegetarians, as well as by people who losing weight or struggling with anemia. There is a theory that the manna that kept the Israelites alive in the desert on their way to the Promised Land - that was Chlorella.

Goji berries, lemon, lime, walnuts (improve sleep quality, rich in antioxidants, lower blood pressure), almonds, tamarind fruit (lower cholesterol), bananas (magnesium, potassium), pomegranate (strong antioxidant, cleans clogged arteries).

Good fats - organic, unrefined: olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, hemp oil, avocado oil. They increase brain function and improve the appearance of the skin.

Wholemeal bread and pasta; rice (especially wild).

Eggs - may be eaten in any form.

Vegetables and fruits.

Plants can contain more protein than meat. The biggest amount of proteins are found in leguminous: lentils, beans (especially black), peas, broad beans, chickpeas. A lot of protein is also contained in: broccoli, hemp, carrots, oats, cucumbers, celery, lettuce, green peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, and avocados.

Chlorophyll, which is high in green vegetables (as well as sprouts and young grains) helps red blood cells to transport oxygen, breaks the binding of carcinogens to DNA, and prevents the formation of calcium stones produced by the body to neutralize acids. [2]

The WHO recommends eating at least 400 g (i.e. five servings) of fruit and vegetables daily, excluding potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava and other starchy vegetables. You may increase the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat by: including them in all meals, or by eating fresh fruit and raw vegetables as snacks [3]. The WHO recommendations should be taken as a minimum for people who cannot imagine life without meat or have problems with a commonsense approach to their diet. These recommendations are only designed to introduce healthy habits.

“Vegetables should have central position in your diet, dominating any meal you sit at, covering most of your plate. Whatever way, you look at it, they should become your new best friends. They are one of the lowest caloric, low sugar and richest in minerals food products available on the planet. In addition, they provide vitamins and minerals, fibers, chlorophyll, enzymes, plant nutrients and alkaline salts that reduce the growth of microorganisms and their mycotoxins (...) as well as help neutralize acids in blood and tissues." [2].

Quinoa - contains a large amount of protein, all crucial amino acids, calcium, iron, copper, phosphorus, B vitamins. It does not contain gluten.

Apple cider vinegar - is a source of organic acids, enzymes, pectins, amino acids, bioflavonoids, living bacteria and yeast cultures. It contains a number of vitamins (including: A, E, K, B) and elements such as: potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium. It is a source of fiber and probiotic bacteria. It has antioxidant properties regulating glucose level in blood and lowers cholesterol.

Cinnamon, turmeric - these spices are powerful antioxidants and have a positive effect on the entire digestive process, and have many other uses in natural medicine. If you aren’t sure of the source of the spices (especially turmeric), I may also recommend extracts from these plants in the form of essential oils. The doTerra company offers cinnamon and turmeric oils that have the most restrictive certificates confirming that they come from natural, organic and unmodified crops, and can also be used internally. Moreover, as I described in the article "Vibrations and health", essential oils are characterized by a very high level of vibration. 

Vitamin C and D3 (for more details on the role of these vitamins and its sources, see "The role of vitamins in the proper functioning of the immune system.”)

It is recommended to eat organic food that does not contain pesticides and is not genetically modified.


What should be avoided in the diet based on the article "High vibration diet" [1]:

White and refined sugar.

Sugar, in addition to meat, is the main poison in our diet.

Alcohol - its consumption paralyzes the senses, disturbs clear judgment. It also has no vibrational value.

Coffee and energic drinks that give you a false sense of energy. They put a strain on the adrenal glands, which adversely affects the kidneys. If you are a coffee drinker, try to drink a maximum of 2 coffees a day after meals.


Why does eating meat negatively affect our physical and mental health? On the physical level, the cause is the high concentration of hormones produced by the act of killing an animal. When an animal is killed, its fear is stored in cellular memory and absorbed while eating its meat. In addition, steroids, antibiotics and other harmful substances are used in mass breeding of animals for slaughter, which, along with the toxins released by each dead animal, pass into the human body after eating meat.

Some people need meat to feel good but many people would feel much better if they didn't eat it. I didn't like meat since I was a child. Despite consuming it (often by force), I had anemia, and as a teenager I suffered from severe headaches. After excluding meat from my died at the age of 19, the anemia problems ended. The headaches have also subsided and now appear only sporadically.

Meat (especially red meat) has a very low Ph and is highly acidic. It's best to avoid eating red meat altogether (pork, beef, etc.). If you are a carnivore, try to reduce your intake as much as you can and restrict yourself to eating white meat. If possible, try to buy meat that does not come from brutally killed animals.


People don't need milk. Calcium in milk is not absorbed by our bodies. Milk and cheese have low Ph level and are acid-forming. Instead of milk, eat kefir and natural yoghurt, which have probiotic properties. Alternatively, you may use plant-based milk, e.g. from almonds.

Beware of the purchased: mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup, especially when added to fast food. They are poison.

Vegetable oils that are heated (e.g. during frying) turn into very harmful trans fats. If you must cook in oil, try to use unrefined coconut oil.

Carbonated drinks.

For example, the pH of Coca-Cola is 2,5 (i.e. it is pure acid). To neutralize the effects of this popular drink, a glass of Coca-Cola should be washed down with 30 glasses of (alkaline) water. Additionally, carbonated drinks are sweetened with a large amount of sugar or its chemical, very harmful, substitute.

Table salt.

Refined salt contains only sodium chloride. This salt is used in almost all processed foods. The fewest negative effects are caused by the use of pink Himalayan salt, which contains 80 types of minerals.


Soybeans are a source of plant-based protein and contain many other valuable nutrients, which is why they are the basic food of vegetarians and vegans. The authors of the article "High vibration diet", however, included this product in the list of low vibration foods, indicating that it has toxic properties in its natural form. In order for the consumption of soybeans to be safe, it must be submitted to appropriate processes, and the soybeans themselves should not be genetically modified. You should also beware of processed soy products (e.g. cutlets, burgers, sausages), tofu and soy milk with a longer shelf life.

For vegans for whom soy is the primary source of protein in their diet, I may recommend Forever's Lite Ultra protein shake based on soy protein. Whereas, the authors of the article "High vibration diet" recommend replacing soybean with hemp.


While healthy food is good for our health, there are many other things that should be introduced into your life, such as: conscious existence, time spent in nature, meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, and dance.


If you need a consultation on essential oils or natural supplements from doTerra or Forever Living Products, you can contact me at the following e-mail address: biuro@vincinatura.pl


Examples of the pH of some food products:


pH Value - estimated "-" acidity or "+" alkalinity potential measured in approximately 30 grams of product



Fresh cucumber




Red radish




Young wheat (grass)


Wheat (grain)






Olive oil












Wheat bread


Whole grain bread










Sea fish 



-18 do - 22

Refined white sugar


Fruit juice sweetened with sugar


Sok owocowy dosładzany cukrem


Natural fruit juice








Based on: Robert O. Young, Shelley Redford Young “The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health”.



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