Martian greetings from the Earth

Hello my friend Dendryx,

I am sending the best wishes from my holiday on the planet Earth.

I did not believe when you told me that spending time on this strange planet was a good fun, especially that we had to live under cover.

As you had advised, I chose for my stay this wild, green area placed atop a volcanic hot spot (Earthmen call it: the Yellowstone Park). You were right. It is completely different from an environment of our planet. That canyons, alpine rivers, lush forests, hot springs and gushing geysers are amazing. We do not have green or wood on our planet . I could observe a lot of creatures in the water, air and on the ground. They were friendly or just ignored me. I do not understand why Earthmen do not accept them and want to kill them. Thanks to their presence everything functions in harmony. Flying creatures build their small houses on big solid plants and take care of their offspring. I saw a big, brown furry creature coming to the river to catch slippery, shining creatures living there. On the ground it moved very slowly but in the water very fast. It was an amazing view. In the night I could hear beautiful songs of another creatures - these that are similar to our home friends – dogidogs. They live in the groups, hunting in the groups and take care of their offspring very much. They are very familiar but I observed that they are terribly afraid of Earthmen. I was surprised - why a nature is afraid of its part – the most intelligent - as we say, “humans” - as they call each other?

I met them – the Earthmen. Do not be afraid, my dear friend, I did not contact them directly. Better, I shall start from the beginning. One day I was walking through the forest. It was a nice day. The temperature as on our planet in the warm season, the Sun and the best Earthly treasure – the blue sky that we may only dream about it. No more digressions! I walked together with the nature sounds so nice for my hearing system. Suddenly I caught some dissonance. An unknown, terrible cacophonic sound, extremely loud. I rushed to that place. With every step I took the noise was growing. Finally, I found the source of the noise. You won’t believe, it was a small box placed on a wooden table. The noise box was not alone, on a charming bright glade there were 4 “humans”: two tall and two short. I thought it was a human herd. I camouflaged. They saw me as a one more tree in the forest . How their perception skills are poor . Must stop with digressions! Feeling safe (but not uncomfortable because of the noise) I started to observe them. It was good occasion to research the “human’” behaviour. My dear friend, you are right, they are disgusting! In order to communicate they had to be lauder than the noise of the box. So they were shouting to each other. I don’t understand why they could not to turn the box’s sound down? Instead, they preferred to utter sounds louder than the box. O, dear! Apart from making so loud sounds, they fed. At least I think they did. I recognised it because they stopped making noises for a moment and put something to their mouth hole. They took that something from colour boxes. I got a taste of it later and it tasted like a building material we use in our bathrooms and their drinks - like a liquid used by us to clean our toilets. Eventually, they left the place taking the noisy box and there was silence at last. Unfortunately the place the “humans” occupied looked like a battlefield. They left all boxes they had used together with remains of what they were feding on. I have one conclusion: Earthmen create rubbish, eat rubbish, talk rubbish, leave rubbish – they are rubbish.

All the best for you and your family. See you soon on our clean planet.

Your friend, Andrex