A painting

(story of a friend from Warsaw)


I will tell you how once I could not fall asleep. Usually I fall asleep immediately when I put my head on a pillow but not that time…

I was rolling over for over an hour, wondering about the reason, analysing the events of the day, if something disturbed me, upset me… no, nothing, so why I could not sleep. At some point, I jumped out of the bed and stood on it, grabbed the picture that had been hanging over the bed (for several years), took it off and moved it to other room. I went back to the bed and ... woke up in the morning. After a while, I remembered the past night. That’s weird. What was it about? I went, to see the painting - it was large and very heavy, especially a convex frame made of wood, about 10 cm wide with sharp angles. But the picture looked normally. Nothing was missing, nothing was changed. I went back to the room where I sleep. I looked at the place where the picture was hanging - a strong hook in the wall. I still didn’t understand anything. Analysing the problem in my head, I climbed on the bed. I stretched out my hand to the hook and at that moment it came off the wall falling on my hand together with plaster and brick pieces.

I looked, assessing the distance. It was difficult to say how the picture would fall down but if it hit me with these sharp angles of the frame in my head for example... considering its weight ... the history would not have happened.