Aromatherapy - a gift of nature that cares of harmony of your soul and body.

The smells are everywhere. They surround us. They are nice or repellent for us. It is a relative concept. Our perfumes are unpleasant for a dogs, while its fascination in odours from a garbage might not please us much.

The smell is something natural. It is an inseparable part of our lives. How beautiful flowers can smell. And what about blooming bushes? Jasmine is intoxicating. But the flowers finish blossoming and with them their beautiful smell escapes. And what if we locked it in a bottle and bring it back as soon as we want? We do not need to cut beautiful flowers, so that their smell would accompany us at home. What about herbs? Everyone knows the smell of lavender, don’t they? It's pleasant, isn’t it? And insects hate it. Can you use it to scare away mosquitoes? Of course. Just close the scent in a bottle and spray it in your home. Mint - one of the most popular herbs - is associated with refreshment. We drink mint drinks; we use it to clean our teeth. Oregano, basil, rosemary - they smell beautifully on our plates and improve the taste of our dishes. Is it possible to use their features when snow lies outside and the basil in your pot looks like a snag? Of course. Just close its essence in a bottle. Similarly happens with fruits. When we peel lemon or orange, we may smell a beautiful, refreshing fragrance: the scent of sun and heat. Is it possible to contain lemon or grapefruit juice in one drop? The answer is obvious.

Practical examples of the essential oils use:

The don’t have headaches often, but sometimes the weather turbulences turn into migraine headaches. Before the symptoms become stronger, I rub the temples and the places behind the ears with peppermint oil. I lie down calmly for 10 minutes. I breathe deeply. After a while, I have the feeling of the ice compress on my forehead and the pain goes away without taking a painkiller.

When I caught the virus, which resulted in stomach upset and fever, I drank water with grapefruit oil (1 drop per glass) and my forehead was rubbed with peppermint oil. The fever passed after about half an hour (sometimes faster!). When after a few hours the fever returned, another application of the oil stopped it immediately. The next day the temperature was already on normal level. Grapefruit oil is excellent in the fight against viruses (especially stomach problems): it supports digestive disorders (when you don’t want to eat) and fluid management (dehydration), supports the operation of our internal military system (fighting with the virus) and adds energy (necessary, when we are exhausted because of symptoms of the virus). In addition, like the grapefruit fruit, it supports the action of pharmacological drugs.

I use lemon, lime or orange oil in so-called household chemicals. A few drops of lemon oil dissolved in water, perfectly clean kitchen countertops and leave a pleasant scent. Citrus is also famous for the elimination of bacteria and pathogens, and even mites. So, before bedtime, it is worth spraying the bed with a mist of lemon or orange oil. I also add a few drops of orange / lemon oil for a short time wash (30oC) - a pure, refreshing fragrance and clothing free of pathogens.

Recently, my friend has come up with a great idea. She sprayed with a mist of lemon oil the place where scavengers moths liked hiding. The moths escaped. After returning from vacation I had unwanted tenants in flour, too. I binned the flour and, instead of hunting for that what had got out of it, I limited myself to spraying the place where it was kept, using lemon oil spray. The war was over. The enemy was defeated.

One drop of lavender oil on a pillow or inhaling it using a special device that doesn’t heat the oils (a diffuser) makes us sleep deeply and healthily while mosquitoes and flies are being deterred.

A mixture of peppermint, lavender and lemon sprayed in the air, when everything is blooming outside, oozing the power of allergenic pollen, helps me to survive this difficult time and not suffer because of hay fever and itchy eyes. This mixture also works well as a rinse.

Allergy is also manifested by skin problems. When allergic pimples appear on my face, I reach for the tea tree oil (Melelauca). You just put the oil on the eczema, and it exsiccates and heals well. The same happens with bites. With my allergic skin, a small bubble immediately turns into a big one, and that leaves a nasty memento in the form of discoloration on the skin. The strong antiseptic effect of the tea tree oil helps to control the itchy stage, prevents the bubble from coming up with water and makes it easier to heal without leaving marks on the skin. Lavender has a similar effect.

When I'm stressed or afraid of something, lavender or bergamot oils help me the most. A couple of breaths, the smell of the oil directly from the bottle helps to cut loose, makes all the problems go into oblivion.

When I work on a text and cannot collect my thoughts or I'm distracted too much, just a drop of peppermint oil on a handkerchief or "diffused" in a set with citrus oils makes my brain more focused and ready to the creative effort.

In dealing with the symptoms of diseases of the digestive system the following oils are helpful: chamomile, fennel and peppermint. They alleviate: intestinal catarrh, stomachache, bloated tummy. In case of a more serious disease of the digestive system (I mean mainly Crohn's disease) ginger oil turns out to be very salutary. It helps to increase the production of anti-inflammatory proteins and regeneration of damaged intestinal lining. For inflammation in the body associated with this disease, the frankincense oil has a beneficial effect (1 drop per glass of water). This oil inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory mediators, helps in the improvement of the immune system. It also has a beneficial effect on inflammation of joints and bones (including: rheumatoid arthritis), upper respiratory tract (including: asthma) and allergy in the form of atopic dermatitis. Research on the properties of the frankincense oil also confirms its positive effect in the fight against cancer cells.

Since I started using oils, they have become a significant part of my life.

I always carry a small sachet with mini bottles of 8 oils that serve as a first aid kit when something hurts and teases. I stopped taking painkillers and heartburn medication with me (this problem has ended since I started using oils for gastritis problems). My sachet often returns empty from a trip because I give oil to other people in need. In return I got a feedback from them how the oils worked. It makes me complete my knowledge. It is a long and tedious study, considering that in some diseases the effects are not immediately visible, and the essential oils are over 100.

At the end a few beautiful descriptions of essential oils taken from the book by Cristina Caboni "Il sentiero dei profumi", Garzanti Libri S.r.l, Milan, 2014, which bring out their spiritual nature:

"Yarrow - internal balance. It is the scent of heaven and earth together. Aromatic and resinous, it helps to harmonize opposites, leads to clarity, adds spiritual courage."

"Angelica - get to know yourself. The source of angels, unveils the hidden nature of everything. A cure for every disease, honey-sweet, swathing scent."

"Bergamot - hope. Fresh, light, gives energy and lightness, when all hope fades under the weight of monotony. Illuminates the road and allows you to see the alternatives."

"Vanilla: protects you. The smell of childhood, gentle and warm. It gives comfort, good humour, helps to face difficulties, decreases blood pressure. Works well on the skin. A few drops unite and guide the heart reflexes. "

"Frankincense - meditate. It is an unmatchable fragrance, fresh and clearly pleasant. It calms down your breath, causing peace and feeling of comfort, brings out the deepest spirituality. Prepares for meditation and prayer. "

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