The power of our thoughts.

“In the beginning was the Word… and the word became flesh." - the gospel according to St. John.

First there is a thought, a wish. The more we desire something, the more we occupy our minds with it, the more power we give it. This makes our dreams come true. However, the problem is that we often do not realize what we want and what we attract as a result.

"What you pay your attention to, you invite to yourself." [1a]

Every day, almost every moment, we make a wish. It is enough that our thoughts persistently revolve around a certain topic.

The world is passing fast. This causes a feeling of constant time-trouble, the impression of a lack of control over your life. In addition, the media, which live from sensationalism and the popularity of negative messages, regularly drop for more bad news, fueling our fears. We are afraid of war, viruses, crisis, we are constantly afraid of someone or something, and when we are afraid, when we get angry, when we feel frustrated and powerless, what thoughts and wishes do we send? Negative.

Everything is energy.

When you worry or fear, you send a signal, and the more you worry, the stronger that signal becomes. Everything is energy and has its own vibration. You get from fate what you think about. Whether you want it or not, you just attract it.

“Every thought vibrates. Every thought sends signals. Every thought attracts the corresponding signal, which is a response to it. This process is called the Law of Attraction” [1b].

If we want something, we are set to YES, we think about it and we activate the attracting vibrations. The same happens when we don't want something. Even though we clearly say: I don't want to be sick, the very fact that we think about it causes us to draw this wish into our field of vibrations, and the signal we send is formulated: "illness" not "health".

There are feelings, emotions: those of prosperity or those of dearth. If you are sending thoughts of lack or fear, it means to "Universe"/"Source" that you want this experience. Therefore, it creates events that meet these expectations. For example, if you are constantly thinking about how to make ends meet and that you will not have enough to make ends meet, you are manifesting such a wish.

Instead of thinking: "I'm afraid that I won't have enough money to make it to the end of the month ", you may say: "I have enough money to live easily to the next pay check".

The phrase: "I don't want/I'm afraid of getting sick of..." can be replaced with the following: "I remain in complete health and well-being".

You attract what you think about, so if you don't want something, but you keep paying attention to it, those things are given such power that they can come true.

"Science already confirms that our mind is capable of projecting certain forms of energy and causing changes in matter." [2a] ("the word became flesh").

How to get rid of negative thinking habits.

Distance and lack of attention to a given phenomenon cause that its vibration is put to sleep and deactivated.

“The only way to make a thought inactive is to activate another thought. In other words, the only way to intentionally withdraw attention from one thought is to shift it to another thought” [1c]. Psychologists recommend their patients suffering from anxiety-based neuroses a method of keeping the mind busy. When we start to worry about something, be afraid, have negative thoughts, it is advisable to draw the mind's attention to something trivial, for example to passing cars: what color they are, how many there are, how many trees there are, how many houses we can see. The mind has to get a substitute topic. The next step, indicated by the Silva Method, is replacing negative thoughts and messages with positive ones. “In the Silva Method, the replacement of old programs with new ones takes place through the mental formation of images in a state of mind or consciousness called the alpha state. (…) The alpha state* […] is a natural, calm state of relaxation that we go through at night when we fall asleep and also when we wake up in the morning.” [2b].

One of the techniques presented during the Silva course is "disarming fear" by imagining a given person or situation in a distorting mirror. For example, when someone (let's say a boss) screams at us, we may imagine their nose or other organ growing, or as he is sitting on the toilet and constipated. Such an image will keep our panicked mind occupied and improve our mood. I like to imagine that in stressful situations (e.g. a visit to the office), as during a tirade of a clerk furious at the whole world, someone lets out a prolonged fart (it could be me, why not), then it's hard for me not to laugh. Laughter will defuse any stress bomb.

"Attract only good."

Positive thoughts have a completely different vibration than negative ones.

How do you feel when you think about something positive, and how do you feel when you are afraid or worried? When I think about something positive, I feel warm, and when I think about something negative, I have impression of cold.

If we think positively, we are happier, if we are happier, we radiate this energy to the environment, and it will respond to us the same.

“The basis of life is freedom, and its result is development. But the purpose of life is to experience joy.” [1d]. Why do we want something? Because the realization of the goal, dreams give us joy. Therefore, the most important factor in the creation of the environment around us is our well-being. Another important issue is the physical "anchoring" of the dream. The theories of attraction and positive visualization suggest that we should visualize what we want as often as possible. For example, in the case of dreaming of a new car, we imagine that we already own it, drive and how we feel then. I would go a step further, that is, in addition to positive visualization, I would also add a physical activity that will place our desire in the world of matter. I will give an example from my life. Working in a large organization, I dreamed of one day dealing with nature therapy and having my own business. To make my dream come true, I attended courses of various naturotherapy techniques and gained practical experience working with familiar people and animals, but deep down I had fears related to the loss of a stable source of income (full-time job) and the fact that my knowledge and experience are too poor to be able to earn a living doing this. Those fears limited me and kept me away (at my request) from fulfilling my desire. The "dot over i" was the moment when one day I announced to my superior that I would start my own business and I would do what I like, i.e. helping others. A friend who was present at this conversation said that I planted the seed. Two more years have passed since then, but I’ve already had a different attitude. The wish was defined and rooted in the physical world, activating the energy of its creation. Life has developed in such a way that today I am working on my own and doing what fascinates me and allows me to develop.

"If I can reach my own emotions, I can reach anywhere" [1e].

Listening to our own emotions will give us many answers, primarily whether something is beneficial for us or not. Awareness that we may generate and attract unfavorable phenomena ourselves will make us more careful "in the selection" of thoughts. Over time, we will begin to feel discomfort and subconscious resistance to directing our desires towards what we don’t like. We will pay more attention to replacing them with positive equivalents. These bring positive emotions.

Life puts challenges in our path (in my case, for example: autoimmune disease), so that we understand certain things and that we develop. Each of us deserves to be free and happy, but first we must understand that it depends to the greatest extent on ourselves.

For those who are interested in the subject of "Law of Attraction", I recommend reading the book:



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