"Treasures of Spain" - (original title: Po skarby Hiszpanii ) Publisher: Navae Res, Edition year: 2014


The discovery of America, the reformatory movements, the reign of Emperor Charles V, who has created an empire in the old continent "where the sun never sets”. Due to discovery of the New World and the conquista Spain becomes the colonial power. From the America and India sail ships loaded with: gold, silver, jewels, spices and other precious cargo. No wonder that Spain jealously guards its treasures. It is also the guardian of the "old faith", while in Europe, light like torches reformatory movements, spreading across the Czech, Germany, the Netherlands, France. English King Henry VIII created the Anglican Church independent of the pope. From that time, the country has lost a lot of its energy on infighting. Growth and stabilisation enables the reign a second daughter of Henry - Elizabeth. The queen has less focus on armed conflicts. She sets the internal development based on three pillars: economy, science and culture.

Fortunes of these two countries, so different culturally, often knitted together in those days. Son of Charles V - Philip II was married older sister Elizabeth and the ruler of England, before the daughter of Anne Boleyn sat on the throne. A few years of the reign of Mary Tudor have been a throw back to the Catholic religion in England. After his wife's death Philip II wanted to marry Elizabeth. Influence of religious was one of the factors the marriage didn’t fallout. Finally, Elizabeth decided to rule independently, without the support of a royal spouse. In a famous speech to the delegation of the English Parliament in 1559 she said: "I am already bound unto an husband, which is the kingdom of England, and that may suffice you...".

Additionally to the religious conflict started a new one, based on economic grounds. Development of England - the island country – has been depended on trade, not only with the European continent, but also the American colonies. Elizabeth financed exploratory and commercial voyages in exchange for a share in profits. The biggest British explorers of the time were: Sir Walter Raleigh, who in the years 1584-1589 organized expeditions to colonise North America and Sir Francis Drake, who in the years 1570 - 1580 took a trip around the world. Competition from the British sailors didn’t meet with enthusiasm from the Spaniards side. When Spaniards closed their ports its colonies for trade with "the children of Albion", the creative English started obtain goods from the New World in another way. Unable to face the Spaniards in the militarily, they went to partisan activities. It is the time of corsair development. English corsairs, being financially supported by their queen, began systematically attack and plunder Spanish ships. In this way they supplied the treasury of the Crown and militarily weakened the opponent. Among these audaciously brave sailors one character is particularly visible - the most famous corsair - gentleman, the dread of the Spanish fleet, el Draque - Sir Francis Drake. Political tensions between England and Spain grew until it would have to come to the armed resolution. In 1588 the war broke out.

The book "Treasures of Spain" refers to the period preceding the outbreak of the English-Spanish war. The main characters of the novel are the crews of two privateers rival for the primacy among the corsairs and the number of boxes with valuables won from Spaniards. The commander of one of the galleons is a woman - Miss Blood. This has been a fully aware choice of the hero. Something different. The crazy, feisty woman  leading the galleon full of men. This kind of lady who it is better not to mess with. A diehard. Characters in the book are many but they are created in the way easy to identify with. There are more buddies than heroes. They make mistakes. They have character defects. There are not statuesque. They are ordinary fellows in their unusualness.

I realize how many books appear on the publishing market lately. Most of them are interesting and valuable. What makes my story distinguish from all of those proposals?

1. Passion and positive energy.

The book was created with passion as an escape from everyday life. Its task is to give a reader a lot of joy and transfer them to another world, detaching them from ordinary life.

2. Lively action.

The structure is constructed in this way that from the beginning till the end it keeps guessing (it can be read in one breath). Adventure comes after adventure, the heroes are barely crawling out of the woodwork and in next moment they have another challenge to face.

3. Sense of humour.

Light style. Play with words. Verbal and situational humour. Dialogues: witty, statements and catting retorts shoot with a speed of musket bullet.

4. Attention to the realities of the era.

Special attention is given to presentation of events and a climate of the era in a proper way, in appropriate proportion that the history does not overwhelmed action.

5. Lack of violence scenes.

This book is a proof that it is possible to present the picture of corsair craft without excessively shocking brutality but with a pinch of salt. 

The motto of the book is "learning by playing".

Therefore, this novel is also suitable for children. The story provides historical knowledge. It is not tiring, not mortifying. I also strongly recommend to older readers. The book is an excellent remedy for the problems of everyday life and worse mood. It makes you read it again after you have finish reading it once. 


The book is available in online stores, www.Zaczytani.pl also in print and electronic format: epub and mobi.