An active recreation in 14th century Europe.

       In the 13th century, the Teutonic Order began active creation of its power. The official purpose of its existence was the Christianisation of pagan Lithuania and Samogitia. However, under this cover, the Order systematically expanded and strengthened its state. The knights-brothers had a head for business. They knew how to couple useful with profitable. In order to optimize the costs of Christianisation, they organized armed raids (crusades) against stubborn and warlike heathen for the tournament-loving knights of Western Europe. In this way, they increased their military strength not with their own swords and also got rich because they demanded to be paid a lot for taking part in armed expeditions by those who were outside the Order. This is an example of possible announcement inviting knights to join the conquest of Lithuania and Samogitia (similar to the contemporary offer of a travel agency).

An active recreation offer of the Travel Office of the “Order of the German House of St. Mary in Jerusalem" GmBH (Ltd).

Are you hungry for adventures, tired of boring tournaments and want to test your fighting skills in real combat? Do you feel the need of converting others? Do you want to bring to your family some original souvenirs from the wilderness of Lithuania and Samogitia?

We invite you to take up on an offer of the Order of the German House of St. Mary in Jerusalem (hereinafter referred to as the "Order"). We offer:

1/ Sightseeing trips to the little-known areas of Samogitia and Lithuania, and watching the  extinct species - pagans in their natural environment.

2/ Survival camps in the forest. The tour program includes: camping in the open air, searching for food up on your own and regular repelling of attacks of local people and avoiding ambushes organized by those.

3/ Raids in an exclusive, international company of knights and our knight-brothers, offering the possibility of cultural exchange and promoting the Word of God among the pagans of North-Eastern Europe. The schedule includes: a hare and hounds, an organized attack on Samogitian and Lithuanian settlements, combined with burning, rubbering and slaughtering. Possibility to improve the practice of sword fighting on the battle field. After the attack, the participants of the winning team will be served a little treat from the looted goods, including tasting an excellent and highly inebriant local specialty - mead, as well as sprees and romps with the natives by the fire. For an additional fee, you may enjoy different games and activities, such as: crucifying a random Samogitian, a dismemberment of a pagan in the name of conversion or dragging (usually) him behind a horse.

Additionally, we offer:

1/ Possibility of sitting to a common print with the Grand Master of the Order.

2/ Possibility to bring a gift of prisoners of war from the trip – a cheap labour needed in every household.

3/ Possibility of obtaining an indulgence in the Holy See.

Please, take into account that there are fewer and fewer pagans in today's Europe. This is the last chance to convert someone to the one true faith and practice your sword skills, before your lord calls you to the battlefield. Please be informed that the Order has the exclusivity granted by the Holy See to organize expeditions to promote faith in North-Eastern Europe and has the appropriate ISO 9000 certificates confirming the highest quality in the field of conversion.

The advance payment for the trip, in the amount of 1000 pieces of silver, should be paid to the nearest Kommende (branch) of the Order.

Note (small print).

The costs of the expedition do not include insurance against the loss of life or the loss of individual parts of the body, or the loss of property: horse, page, elements of armament.

The Order takes no responsibility and will not provide financial support to widows and orphans of the deceased as a result of an unfortunate accident during the expedition (see, a Samogitian stray arrow). The Order is not responsible at all and will not take care of the bastards conceived during the expedition.