Teutonic Order - EPISODE 4: A spy.

                It was time of the full moon. Kuno couldn't sleep. Harsh moonlight was shining through his bedroom window. After all, he was tired of rolling over. He also no longer wanted to pray for a sleep and decided to go to the infirmary for some medicine to induce sleep. Kuno started to be afraid that he might take a nap at mattins at midnight. Von Knurrenbauch got up heavily and minced for help. It was quiet in the corridor. The only sound was bickering of flaming torches. Kuno turned into another corridor, heading for the infirmary. Suddenly he thought something flashed before his eyes. Something or someone. Of these two bad things, he preferred the latter one. The first option could mean some kind of nightmare with which he did not intend to enter into a closer relationship. He overbore the fear. After all, he was a knight with a black cross on his surcoat. He headed towards where he thought the phantom had disappeared. He walked quietly. Nothing happened. Kuno began to realize that he was dreaming with fatigue when he heard hurried footsteps coming from the corridor he was approaching. The corridor led to the exit from the castle. Kuno quickened his steps, trying to walk as quietly as possible. Von Knurrenbauch stated that if it was a man, flesh and blood, and he headed for the exit, would see him in the courtyard in the moonlight and so it was. When Kuno left the castle, in the courtyard in the distance he saw a white surcoat fading into the shadow of the walls. Its owner was heading towards the gate leading to the craft settlement. Kuno quickened his pace. He had to take a roundabout way to hide in the dark. Why was he behaving like this? A white surcoat in the middle of a Teutonic castle - it is rather a norm. However, he had a thought, that the surcoat certainly belonged to a spy. All the time Poles or Lithuanians sent them some secret people who served in the order as bitts or servants. Judging by the surcoat, the spy was one of the knights. If he exposes him, it will be the greater merit. Meanwhile, the white surcoat reached the gate. Kuno almost started to run, but by the time he bumped into his target, the alleged spy was already returning. Von Knurrenbauch stopped in the shadow. A white surcoat passed next to him, but Kuno couldn't recognize its face in the shadows. It just seemed to him that he was carrying something, something that he was trying to hide. Kuno could shout to the guards and with their help overpower the spy but he decided to observe him. Seeing that the surcoat was returning to the castle, he calmly followed his way under the walls. When Kuno went inside, he saw no one. The white surcoat blurred like a ghost.

“Maybe it's a ghost after all, or I'm having hallucinations from not getting enough sleep,” Kuno thought. He went to the infirmary.

The next day the situation reoccurred. Kuno couldn't sleep. Prayers for rest had tired him so much, that he decided to hunt after the phantom. The night was warm, so he decided to lurk at the gate leading to the castle boroughs. He crouched next to the wall near the gate and waited. He finally felt sleepy. He woke up smelling a rat and heard a slight creak and a quiet conversation.

“I've got you,” Kuno thought. Not yet fully conscious, he decided to act. As the white surcoat was passing him, he threw himself at him, without much thought, with an exclamation:

“I caught you, dirty spy!”

The attacked one, fell to the ground with a moan of pain:

“Dirty, I am now, I must have fallen into horse dung”, the voice coming from the white surcoat’s owner pressed to the ground seemed familiar to Kunon.

“Ginter, is that you?” asked von Knurrenbauch, trying to get up.

“No, the Blessed Virgin!” Ginter grunted furiously, trying to get up.

Alarmed by strange events in the courtyard, the sentries were already running towards both knights.

“Brothers, are you okay?” Asked the first of the newcomers.

"No, nothing," Kuno wanted to dismiss him.

“What do you mean - nothing?” Ginter got angry. “He attacked me for no reason, made my clothes filth me and wasted such a good Wurst!”

"Oh, sorry, I had a reason, I thought I was catching a spy," said Kuno.

“Where's the spy, what spy?!” The sentries asked sharply.

"Well... here," Kuno hesitantly indicated Ginter.

“What, did your head boiled in the helmet?!” the indicated person became irritated. “What creasy ideas come to your head?”

“Oh, sorry, and who in the night is sneaking up on the castle boroughs, meet with someone and exchange information?”.

“Not information, just goods of God!”

“What goods of God?!”

“Beer for sausage, if you must know.”


“For the Christ’s sake, you are so unwise! Remember when the head of the infirmary recommended me fast for a week?”

“Yes, I remember. You put on weight a bit and started having trouble fitting into the armor...”

“Okay, without details, please. Well, I have a problem...”

“Yes, you are the Polish spy... or Lithuanians...”

“Wounds of Christ, you are so stubborn! I have a problem because… because… I'm hungry!” The last sentence Ginter shouted so much that probably informed half of the castle about his secret problem.

„What do you mean… hungry. I do not understand.”

“Just like that. This fast is not good for me. It is too strict. Who saw it, eat only bread and water?”

“Our prisoners do not complain about such a diet.”

“But I am Ginter von Klopp! My father is a powerful Klopp, and I’m starving here! During the day, all those prayers, fencing exercises... I hold on somehow, but at night... at night, I only dream of eating...”.

“You are lucky, I suffer from insomnia...”

"Don't interrupt me when I confide in you! I made an appointment with the innkeeper from the castle boroughs that I would take beer from our cellars in exchange for a ring of sausage. The guard brothers were informed about the exchange and they opened the gate for me every day at ten o'clock p.m. and everything was going smoothly and somehow, I would have made it to the end of this fast but you had to mix with your phantasmas! It's not enough that you wasted my sausage but I also have horse dung all over my coat!”.