EPISODE 3. A crusade (original name “rejza”).

Rejza (raid) - an armed sally to pagan lands was an important element of the Teutonic Order’s propaganda. Kunon had already participated in the winter cruise. He was not impressed by that kind of activities. He was permanently cold. The Samogitians, who were constantly invaded, had already been sly and hidden in the bushes, from which they shot with bows. Additionally, the settlements in the borderland, regularly burned by Teutonic Knights, finally stopped being reconstructed. Now he had to take part in a summer raid, the aim of which was to expand the territory of the Order’s state. The Teutonic Knights eagerly invited knights from Western Europe to a guest show of their bravery. It’s nice to have more swords for tanning Samogitian or Lithuanian skins. Kunon was given a task to protect a knight from France. Now the Teutonic Knight and his page waited for an arrival of a new pagans’ slayer. Finally, in the courtyard of the Malbork castle appeared a horse-drawn train, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow in the setting August sun. Kunon waited patiently, which of these handsome peacocks would turn out to be a person under his care. In the end, one of the newcomers, clothed in a patchy yellow and blue caftan, dismounted and walked over to Kunon with a springy step.

“Brother Kunon? I am Fulko de Nounours.”

“Welcome, hon’ble Pulko… This is my page, Jean de Fart.”

“De Fart… of those Farts?”

"Right, hon’ble sir," Jean bowed, then turned to Kunon. “My lord, I would like to draw your attention to how the hon’ble monsieur de Nounours pronounces my surname..., with a longer “a”, because you pronounce it so briefly in German, like a gunshot.”

"Don't overdo it, my dear fellow, fart is fart," said Kuno, worried that he would now be dealing with two bumptious Frenchmen.

“I can’t wait to start burning and looting” Fulko clapped his hands, following the Teutonic Knight.

“Well, are you also looking forward to an arrow hitting you in the forehead, sir?” Kuno muttered.

“Pardon, I didn't hear you well.”

“Nothing, sir Pulko, it was a short prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

“Then let's pray together. Where's the chapel?”

"Well, don't you want to start from exploring the observation tower?" Jean talked out of turn.

He was given a whack by Kunon on the side and didn't develop the plot anymore.

“If my lord permits, I will gladly show you around the stronghold in Malbork, sir, and present you the most important points of this castle because it is easy to lose your way here.” Jean spoke to the guest pleasantly.

“Daddy said that you had built a huge fortress here… as he had already been on a cruise... that winter one.” The newcomer from France began his verbal diarrhea. Kuno remained silent. Fulko took that at face value and started to talk to the full. “As soon as I grew up, papa said that I had to go Christianize these pagans from the north, because, you know, brother Kunon, it is now extremely fashionable in France, and taking part in the crusade is in a good tone... Only papa asked to make sure that you would buy me from pagan captivity… just in case.”  

"Yeap, we take care of that to," muttered Kunon, thinking otherwise.

"Daddy asked me to bring him some souvenirs from the trip... a few handsome, well-built, young men with supple buttocks..." Fulko's voice entered dreamy registers. 

Kunon petrtified.

“The ones suitable for hard work in our manor, of course,” added the French hurriedly, at the sight of terrror in the eyes of the Teutonic Knight. “Let's go to this chapel, brother Kunon, to pray for sending a lot of supple buttocks... I mean, for luck in ransacking, looting, and whatever else what is a part of such glorious expedition.”